Online Video Downloader(Save M3u8 to MP4)

This is a browser extension for downloading online streaming videos/movie. It can download streaming video (such as m3u8 video), static video (such as mp4, webm, flv). And can also record web live in recording mode, or record the playback cache of web videos, and save them to the computer in mp4 format.

It can download or record very large videos, even 10GB videos and it still works well.

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M3u8 videos

It can capture m3u8 video from web pages, and download it to your computer in mp4 format.

Static videos

It can identify and download all types of static videos in web pages, including mp4, webm, flv, etc.

Live recording

It can record web live streaming and save it to your computer hard drive in mp4 format.

Record buffer

It can record buffer of streaming video and compose it into mp4 video and save it to your computer.

Concurrent download

Using multi-threaded concurrent download technology, the speed can reach 5M/s in good network.

Oversized videos

Support for downloading large streaming videos, they will be split into appropriate sizes.