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HLS Video Recorder

For recording live, or recording buffered data of streaming video, and save it to your disk in mp4 format.

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Because data of different resolutions are detected, the video is segmented. Please select Fixed resolutions in Source Video instead of Auto.

Due to the large amount of data (more than 5000 fragments or 2.5GB), the video needs to be divided into multiple chunks, please save it as soon as possible to release the memory and avoid running out of memory.

The recording is complete, please save it as soon as possible to free up memory.

Instructions For Using

This is a streaming video recorder, it can record the playback buffer of online video, and convert it to mp4 video and save it to your disk. In order for you to have a more pleasant experience, you need to know certain things to avoid possible wrong operations.

Do not close this tab during video recording, otherwise recorded data will be lost. If you are interested in something on the page, you can open the link in a new tab (Ctrl+Click).

Why is this tab open when recording? This tab is a container that caches data from the video player, and provides a persistent visual interface.

Recording video temporarily occupies your memory, which is only freed when you close the tab or save the video to disk. If the video you will be recording is very large (more than 5000 fragments or 2.6GB), the video will be split. You need to save the splited part to the hard disk as soon as possible to free up memory. Otherwise the task may fail due to insufficient tab memory.

Copyright should be respected. If some videos are encrypted, this software can't download it for you, because it may be protected by copyright. We are not responsible for media downloaded by users. We recommend checking its copyright.

This is a generic video record extension, it doesn't do anything special for any specific website or content. Because there are many uncertainties in the network, it cannot be guaranteed that all videos can be downloaded successfully. If it doesn't work for you, you need to try something else that might work.

Common Problems

1Waiting for data

This means this tab is not receiving any data, please make sure the target video is playing. If the video is playing but the task does not work, close this tab and try again. If it still doesn't work, maybe the target video is not using mainstream playback technology, or your browser version doesn't support this feature.

2Video buffering is complete, but it still shows recording

Recording is complete if video buffering is complete. This tab has not received an end signal because the page where the target video is located has not been redirected or refreshed. You can close the target video tab and the recording task will show as completed. In fact, when buffering is complete, you can save the full video regardless of the task state.

3Speed up recording progress

In fact, the streaming video recorder obtains the buffered data of the video player, so you can speed up the buffering progress of the video to achieve the purpose of fast recording. For example, drag the playback progress to the end of the buffer bar, or use double-speed playback.

4Video file cannot be played

After the recording is finished saving to disk, the video cannot be played. This may be caused by the incompatibility of your local player, you can try to change the player (VLC player is recommended).

5Tab crashes

This extension buffers the video buffer data it receives into this tab and merges them when the recording is complete, so it will take up your memory in the process. The longer the video is, the more memory it takes up. When the video is large enough, the program will integrate the cached part and display a save button. You need to click to save it to the disk in time to release the cache of this part. If you don't do this, the task will fail when memory is exhausted.

6Video be splitted into clips of different resolutions

Often streaming video supports multiple resolutions, and they automatically switch based on your network status. Data of different resolutions cannot be integrated into one video, and the video will be divided into multiple segments when the resolution is switched. To fix this, you need to choose a fixed resolution instead of automatic.