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Static Video Downloader

Used to download static online videos, including mp4, webm, flv and other video formats.

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Tips: The more concurrent requests, the faster download speed. However, requests that are made too frequently may be denied, resulting in error requests. Fewer concurrent requests should be selected at this time.

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Instructions For Using

This is a static video downloader, it can download static videos in various formats, such as mp4, webm, flv, avi, etc. You need to know something to avoid possible wrong operation to have a pleasant experience.

Please don't close this tab during downloading, or the downloaded data will be lost. If you are interested in something in the page, you can open the link in a new tab (Ctrl+Click).

Why opening this tab when downloading? This tab is used to cache the downloaded video data and provide a persistent visual download interface. Because some big videos can't be downloaded at once in a short time, they need to be downloaded in sections and cached in this tab.

Downloading a video temporarily occupies your memory, which is only freed when you close the tab or save the video to disk. If you download a very large video (over 4 GB) and your computer doesn't have enough memory to allocate, the tab may crash, causing the download to fail.

Copyright should be respected. If some videos are encrypted, this software can't download it for you, because it may be protected by copyright. We are not responsible for media downloaded by users. We recommend checking its copyright.

This is a generic video download extension, it doesn't do anything special for any specific website or content. Because there are many uncertainties in the network, it cannot be guaranteed that all videos can be downloaded successfully. If it doesn't work for you, you need to try something else that might work.

Common Problems

1Only video clips can be downloaded

Some online players load the video using segment requests, and you'll see a series of segment URLs in the extension's popup, which means you can't download the video in its entirety. But you can use "recording mode" to download it in full.

2Video has no sound

This means that the audio of the video is loaded separately, so the audio and video are captured separately, resulting in your downloaded file with no sound or no frames. You can use "Recording Mode" to download the video in full. You can also download the audios individually to your computer and use other tools to combine them.

3Identify the target video

If there are video ads on the web page, there may be multiple URLs in the capture list, causing interference. You can judge your target videos by the size of the videos shown in the list.

4More than 30 bad requests

When there are more than 30 bad requests, the task will be suspended automatically. There are many reasons for the network request error, perhaps because the network is not smooth. You can click the "Start" button to start the task again when the network speed is restored. In addition, the server may refuse the request, and you may need to use the recording mode to download it.

5Tab crashes

This extension caches video segments from the web into this tab and merges them when all segment requests are complete, so in the process, it takes up your memory. The larger the video, the more memory it takes up. If your computer memory cannot allocate expenses, when the memory is exhausted, the task will fail.